Magnetic Sheeting

The flexible magnetic sheeting is manufactured from synthetic rubber with ferrite powder added. The sheeting is only magnetised on one side. The other side is either plain or laminated with self adhesive, white or coloured vinyl.

Our range of Magnetic Sheeting Includes:

  • Plain Brown Rolls

  • Isotropic Extrusion Flexible Magnetic Strips - Plain Brown

  • Self-adhesive Rolls

  • Magnetic Tabs

  • White Gloss Rolls

  • Magnetic Shelf Labels

  • Pre -Die cut Sheets.

  • Stationery

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We score rolls to lengths from 20mm to 150mm long, for use by foil printers. The width of the roll can range from 25mm to 100mm.
We can slit 622mm master rolls to desired widths starting at 25mm.
622mm master rolls can be sheeted to required sizes. (A4, A3 and any non standard size)
Pre Die Cut Sheets
Pre die cut sheets are primarily for use by screen printers but can also be used for foil printing.These sheets are cut with a grip and lay edge identified by one corner cut at 45 degrees. This means that every sheet will be exactly the same as the previous sheet, guaranteeing consistent registration .
Sheets also come with paper between which means the sheets are easily separated for use during the printing process.
On our standard sheets, individual magnets have rounded corners.
Pre Die Cut Self Adhesive Rolls
These self adhesive patches can be applied to the back of calenders and business cards. Standard sizes are 20mm x 36.5mm x .6mm or .8mm. Other sizes can be cut to your specific requirements.
Magnetic Sheeting By The Roll OR Metre
You are able to purchase the exact amount of magnetic sheeting you require. This is down to a minimum sale of $10 excluding tax and freight.
Die Cutting
Magnetic sheeting can be die cut to your specific requirements.